About Me

My name is Waqar Ahmed. I was born on April 19, 1985, at Karachi Pakistan. My father was a worker in Pakistan Steel Mills whereas my Mom was a housewife.

My Childhood

I cherish my childhood memories. As I was the first child of my parents, they always had high hopes for me. Hence, I was always given more attention in terms of schooling. My father used to help me get my homework done. He used to ask about my school activities on a daily basis. That’s why my academic background is pretty strong.

But then something worst happened. My father took retirement from his job (owing to bad working conditions that were deteriorating his health). Living without a job in a big and expensive city like Karachi is unthinkable. So we moved back to our village in the year 2001. There we experienced very tough life.

Miserable five years in a village

Village life is quite difficult and different than the city life.

When you are living in the city, you are on your own. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, and who are your neighbors.

But in the village, you live among your relatives. So they have no regard for your privacy and you find yourself always being questioned about this and that. Also, unlike the city, the village is deprived of basic facilities. Like, there was a regular electric load shedding, no quality educational institutes, etc.

A total new environment, lack of financial resources, and quality institutes had a worse impact on my education. But somehow I didn’t give up and kept my education going on. To afford my educational expense I found no other way but to do a job, so I started teaching at a local school.

But private schools don’t pay that much, so I decided to quit and then started working in a Civil Magistrate’s court. The pay wasn’t that much high, but still, I could manage my daily domestic expenses well.

Back to the city with a bang!

After years (2001-2006) my father took us back to Karachi. At that time I was 21 years old with a Bachelors of Science degree (BSc).

With the help of a friend, I found a job in Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited as Computer Operator. My initial salary was Rs. 6,500. We chose a small and cheap area (Gaghar Phatak) to live because house rent was quite affordable there. At least we were living in a city, and this thought was quite encouraging and satisfying.

Again, the job wasn’t that much great as it was a contracted out job. But I got a computer with full internet access. I used to my full advantage. I started researching I can (like many others) improve my life with this powerful tool that has turned this world into a global village.

Experience of Reading Hundreds of Books

I read hundreds of free books, thousands of articles, in order to find out who am I and what can I do? I didn’t switch my job and settled to work for less because this job gave me the opportunity to learn as much as I can.

Getting Married

Then in the year 2013, I got married. Like most of the people, I was both afraid and confused about going into a relationship that is almost (undoable) for the whole of the life. But luckily, I found that marriage is a great relationship. We as a couple as a great chemistry, and to this day, we love each other like we just met.

My First Child

In the year 2015, we had our first baby, Shahzeb. And this further made our lives more beautiful. Being a father is a great feeling and it also makes you more thoughtful about your whole family’s future.

Income Increased due to First Child

I am not a superstitious guy so I didn’t have faith in our local saying that, “every child brings his own bread”.  In other words, it means that when a child is born, God Almighty increases your income resources.

But soon after the birth of my first Child, I got a part-time job in Human Development Foundation as a Computer Trainer. I still teach there. This job increased my income capacity, which I think, is because of my elder son (Shahzeb).

My Second Child

Then in the year 2016, we had another baby boy (Tanveer Ahmed). He’s a wonderful or very sensitive child. Now we have put our feet on break, no longer seeking another child.

Income Increased due to Second Child- Freelancing

Again, after the birth of second child, I saw my income going up. I got two freelancing jobs.

SummaryOfNews: I work as a News Editor here. All I have to do is to read the latest US-based news. Decide which news will be good for our reader and then precise them in 60 words or less. If you want to remain in the know about latest US News, I encourage you to download it here.

theBeijinger: This is the most popular website among expats in Beijing, China. They cover everything about Eating, Drinking, and Travelling in Beijing. They also showcase important and entertaining events along with classified section (where people post ads about General things, housing, and employment). I work as a Remote Web Moderator for them.

What I think about Freelancing?

As I have done both types of jobs (i.e., regular 9 to 5 and online) I can present the quite objective analysis of both.

You can choose to freelance as your profession if you are the highly skilled individual. This way you will have more control over your daily life, income, and what you want to do next.

So if you are thinking to become a full-time freelancer, the first thing you should do is to get your skilled sharped. If you don’t have, invest your time in acquiring them.

There are two types of method to learn skills:

  1. Paid avenues ( Udemy)
  2. Free avenues (Youtube)

Below is the screenshot of my Udemy Courses that I have got after paying some precious dollars.



Personally, I prefer premium courses because they are highly focused, well created, and also the feeling that you have bought them keeps you motivated for finishing them.

Now, there are some free courses there on Udemy too, so if you want to get enrolled in free courses, and if they are available, great go for it.

What I am doing to become even more efficient Freelancer?

I have reached my maximum potential of earning as a freelancer with the skills I have right now. I fully realize that for moving ahead I will have to learn some new skills to get more competitive in the market.

So here’s what I have thought about learning in coming six months time:

  1. Full Stack Web Development
  2. Enhancing writing skills

I want to learn web development because it’s the most rewarding skill. Also its the most powerful too. I have bought some online courses for it, and I am aiming at allocating at least 5 hours a day to it. Sure, it will take a lot of time and practice to become a professional web developer. So I have put it on my long-term goal.

For enhancing my writing skills, I have bought some courses too. I am interested in this field because I am an expressive guy. I want to share my feelings, experiences with the world. To do it in a better way, I will have to become a better writer.

Guest Blogging

I am actively looking for guest blogging opportunities this year. This will help me get better at what I already know along with getting connected to awesome freelancers too. So, if you want me to write for your website, kindly contact me.