This Is How To Be Persuasive: Secrets From Hostage Negotiation

Whether it’s a deal at home, love affair, professional relationships at work or a buying/ selling stuff, persuasion is always a key skill.

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07 steps to becoming influential and charismatic personality

Being influential and having a charismatic personality is a social skill. And the one you should proactively work to have by your side.

Who are influential people, by the way? The ones who have got a good social reputation. The ones, who live among the people, serve them and do something about what people are concerned about.

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Reinvent Yourself for a better Tomorrow

If you ask me what’s the most important thing in life that you should do, I will say it’s reinventing you.

That’s the most important thing because the world we live in is an ever-changing place. Same is true for the Internet. Every day we see that something is coming soon on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Twitter. This ‘Coming Soon‘ is the way these big social giants are reinventing themselves.

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8 Surefire Ways to Success, Health, Wealth and Wisdom.

Success is what you want, and it’s the only thing I am running after too. But we can’t be successful by just daydreaming or by just praying for it.

Here’s the interesting question to ponder. You know where the success is? The answer is simple: It’s behind the bloody ‘Pain”. We can only get success if we first open our arms to embrace the “Pain”. Only after passing through the pain- process, one can go and kiss the success’s face.

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